How to stay motivated during your workouts

We’ve all been there, those empty excuses that creep into our brains giving us countless reasons why we shouldn’t workout. Today we are going to focus on how to stay focused, how to power through and get the most out of your workout.

Set a goal: Whether it is to loose inches, drop pounds on the scale or just feel better about your self set a goal. No better feeling than crushing your goal and feeling great about yourself and all that you have accomplished.

Have a workout buddy: This can work both ways, you know you each will have those days where you come up with those empty excuses as to why you cant make that workout, so now you have a friend that can keep you accountable. Want to add more fun to the mix…. Make a deal that every time you miss your workout you pay the other person $$, could add up fast, but hopefully not.

Buy yourself new workout clothes: We all love putting on new clothes, by yourself some bright cheery new workout gear and get to the gym, feeling comfortable and good about yourself is half the battle.

Sign up for classes in advance: No one wants to lose a class or the money they spent on it, this is one way that will make sure you get to class.

Try new classes: No better way to stay motivated than trying new, exciting workouts that challenge you. The best feeling is walking out of a workout knowing you gave it your all.

Surround yourself with motivational sayings: Sometimes a simple catch phrase will inspire you to put those running shoes and get out the door.

Hope these few tips help you stay focused and moving towards crushing your goals each day. Until next time stay fit stay healthy.

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