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Our Small Group training sessions (drop in classes) are classes designed for anyone who needs a flexible training schedule. These sessions are great for anyone looking to improve overall cardio and fitness and are open to athletes and non-athletes. The workouts are not sport specific and are intended for mixed ages. They are designed to be a full-body workout covering various areas, such as strength, agility, power, explosiveness, core and conditioning. We offer a free trial for your first open class.

Drop-In Classes

Choose from any of H2T’s 3 weekly open classes. We offer a FREE workout for your first open class.

During drop-ins we work on: Full-body workout, building endurance & confidence.

Call Now for any further questions: 416 645 0428

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H2T drop-in classes are designed for anyone looking for flexibility in their busy schedule. Our classes are intended for athletes and non-athletes looking to improve overall cardio and fitness. Our full-body workouts are perfect for anyone trying to get in shape.

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Mixed Age Groups
  • Opportunity to Meet New Friends
  • Builds Strength, Conditioning, Confidence
  • Full-Body Workout and Cardio
  • Constantly Changing Workouts

Free Trial

Not sure if your child will like our open classes? Don’t worry. Their first workout is on us. Come see what H2T is all about with no obligations. Book your free trial today. You won’t regret it! For new clients only.

Faculty Features

HT2 is the perfect training facility for any athlete. We offer a yoga studio, dryland training, equipment you won’t find anywhere else, and H2T trainers who ensure each athlete and child achieves their individual goals.

  • Fitness assessment testing
  • Teammates can motivate one another
  • Builds test within team
  • Allows another expert to speak to the team
  • Switches up the teams regular training routine
  • Increases individual performance

Our 7000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is filled with state-of-the-art gym equipment that will improve athletic development and will help athletes reach their peak performance.


He has never worked out so hard and had so much fun.


He LOVED the workout and can't wait until next week's. He said he has never worked out so hard and had so much fun. This coming from a kid who doesn't work out much. He is on such a high tonight and it's because of your work out. Have a great night.

Kevin - Parent

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