Why play a team sport?

I’m a fitness professional, I own my own gym, I’m a wife, a best friend, a sister but the one I identify most with is I’m a hockey mom. With two boys playing in the GTHL, I have tailored my life around early morning practices, late game nights far and away and long bus rides for tournaments and even a few plane rides to Europe for hockey.

To some that don’t play a sport that involves a team it must sound crazy but to those of you who’s child is fortunate to be surrounded by a band of brothers or sisters who have their back no matter what, to those kids that have second mom’s or dad’s that step in for carpooling or act as a watchful eye when we can’t be there, for those of you that have awesome coaches that have taken your child under their wing to teach, to cultivate and help your child grow I have only one thing to say… we are so lucky.

Yes this is only my opinion but let me back it up.
Being part of a team helps your children learn to work well with others, it helps them deal with many different types of personalities and conflicts. Being part of a team teaches your children how to share, compromise, work together for the one common goal. It teaches your child how to win and how to lose.

By being part of a team your child has a group of friends that understand what he/she may be going through. This I know for a fact. With the heaviest of heart a few weeks ago my son’s goalie was murdered in a senseless act of domestic violence, it rocked our team to the core, but these boys, these amazing boys bound by love gathered together in their worst hour and came out champions, I watched how the they took turns grieving and comforting each other, I watched how they stood shoulder to shoulder never leaving not a single player out, I watched how they texted, phoned or just played fortnight to keep each other company during so many sleepless nights. This is what a team is.
This past weekend our boys went to the provincial championships (the Stanley cup of Minor Hockey), the cards were stacked against us, injuries, sickness, suspensions poor officiating but these boys these young boys that turned into men over night had one goal and that was to win it for our goalie and they did. Never have I ever been more proud to be part of team. Never ever have I realized just how important being part of a team was. Through tears, hugs and amazing support our team will move forward as will the families of the Humboldt Bronco’s. Hockey is not only a sport it’s a community, it’s a sense of belonging, its family.

They say your team becomes your family without a doubt I can say this is true. What our boys and the Humboldt Broncos have endured will stay with them forever, but so will the comforting thoughts of knowing they were never alone. Supported by one another, friends, strangers, community and a nation.

So when your child says they are thinking of joining a team sport encourage it, support them and remember this blog, because being part of a team, its sooo much bigger than the sport.

Until next time stay fit stay healthy. If you would like to make a donation to help the family of Roy Pejcinovski or the families of the Humboldt Broncos…


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