Spring Training!

As spring unfolds, it becomes that time of year where the “shift “happens. We transition out of our busy winter hectic hockey lives and fall into spring’s wet gloomy blues. Every beautiful day, we encourage our kids to get out there and play, but as we know April showers bring May flowers…. So how do you keep your once very active child just as active in the rainy spring months?

If you’re serious about your sport, you know there is no off season…. I know many of you are thinking that your kids will burn out if they don’t have an off season. That isn’t what I mean. What I am trying to say is that if you really want to take your sport to the next level, you have to keep working on ‘yourself’ to get better, stronger, faster, and this is where dryland training comes in.

What is dryland training? 

Well in a nutshell, it is any form of strength and conditioning training done outside of a sport. Dryland training will focus on explosive power, endurance, cardiovascular strength, agility, core strength, hand eye coordination, and so much more.

So where am I going with all this? Just because it’s cold and raining outside doesn’t mean your child needs to sit by a tv/computer and lead a sedentary lifestyle. Get him or her out there and work on their overall fitness. Many dryland places offer private and group classes where your child will make new friends while getting fit. It’s the perfect solution for these next few months.

Expect a few achy muscles the next day as kids will work on using the full body as a unit vs only a few selected muscles. Imagine a car driving on two wheels and now you just gave it four. Which would be more efficient? Four wheels! Your child will now excel when they come back to their sport as a stronger, faster, athlete instead of when he left his sport. Who doesn’t want that?

Make sure to ask for a free trial class to make sure your child loves it. Until next time Stay Fit Stay Healthy!

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