Fitness Trackers make fitness fun for kids!

Fitness trackers for kids? Yes, no or maybe?

 When it comes to fitness for children, I’m for anything that gets our kids up, moving and video games out of their hands.

In a technological society there are new apps, and fitness trackers that are being introduced everyday, but are they right for our kids?

 Now this blog is only my opinion and as always you do what’s best for you and your family but I have to say….. I love a fitness tracker. Like I can’t live without it kind of love!

 Each day at H2T I see more and more kids taking accountability for their fitness and I LOVE IT! Kids are constantly asking me how many steps am I at? How many stairs did I climb today? Kids have taken a genuine interest in bettering their fitness levels, with a little healthy competition.

 Now, let’s rewind for second and analyze the average child. Children and adults by nature are competitive, they seek their peers approval, and they usually strive to be better than their friends, they loved to be timed, measured and tracked on personal growth. So my question to you as a parent is why don’t you capitalize on this by introducing a fitness tracker??

 Fitness trackers record the amount of steps you take each day, km’s walked, calories burnt, how many times you worked out that week, (some) heart rate, water and food intake, sleep just to name a few. That’s pretty awesome. What better way to have your children be a part of their fitness journey then to take accountability for it?

 Fitness trackers can be a fun way to help children/families reach their fitness goals.  A little healthy competition between family members never hurt anyone.

 Set up goals

As a family set up daily, weekly and monthly goals for you and your kids. If they are still young use a sticker chart. Every time they reach their goal a sticker is awarded.

For teens let them earn their phone time , or chore exemption by reaching or surpassing their fitness goal for the day. I know mine would rather do that then empty the dishwasher.

 If you work as a family together a fitness tracker can be a great tool for encouragement, following, and meeting your fitness goals.

 From all of us at H2T, Stay Fit Stay Healthy. Until next time…

 Sue Forberg-Director H2T Elite Dryland Training Inc.

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