Running Shoes for Kids!

Proper Running Shoes For Little Feet

Just do it… so they say, bombarded by countless ads promising speed, agility, and power? As a parent, a consumer, we are over flooded with information and promises of greatness if we buy their product. How much of it is true?? I’m not here to bash all the different brands of running shoes,  I’m writing today to educate you on  the differences between a cross trainer and a running shoe, so that you as a consumer can make an educated purchase that best suits your child’s needs.

Now if your children are anything like mine, they are reaching for the brightest, most colorful, newest style out there. That’s fine if it’s for everyday use, but if it’s for serious training it’s time to dissect the best shoe for your child’s little feet.

 Cross Trainers vs Running Shoes

Cross trainers are great for aerobic classes, exercising in a gym, doing quick feet drills. Cross trainers offer a wider pad in front of the shoe allowing the foot easily to pivot during drills and for lateral movements. Cross trainers tend to be slightly heavier than a running shoe, but not by much. If you flip the shoe over the souls offer a deeper tread for grip and are not as flexible a traditional runner.

Running Shoes

The name kind of says it all. It’s a running shoe meant for running not training. The shoe itself is constructed with the heel toe motion in mind. Striking at the right point offering the runner comfort at the heel and toe. The runner itself tends to be narrower and lighter in weight allowing runners ease and comfort at every strike. The sole of the shoe is usually smooth so there is no real traction.

Kid’s arches form between the ages of 7-12 so opt for a runner with arch support during those years.

Parents buy your shoes according to the activity your child will be participating in. Yes color and style play a major roll to our kids but encourage comfort and function.

Happy shopping……Stay fit stay healthy!


Sue Forberg-PTS

H2T Elite Dryland Training-Director


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