Meals on the go!

Nutrition and performance go hand and hand for athletes. As parents it is our job to provide our kids with a proper diet that is packed with the right amount of calories and carbohydrates to fuel their bodies, the correct amount of fluid to maintain hydration, and the vitamins and minerals to support tissue growth and repair damaged muscles. Now the million dollar question……………. How do we provide our kids that while being stuck in a car racing to hockey, dance gymnastics soccer and so on?


Here are some ideas of pre and post exercise snacks and meals for families on the go. Remember a little prep work beforehand goes a long way!


My Staples:

* Fresh fruit and vegetables cut up into Tupperware or grab and go zip lock bags.

Doing a little work 2-3 times a week you can offer your children healthy alternative snacks.

* Cottage cheese

* Humus and crackers

* Bean Salad

* Cheese Strings

* Almonds

* Hard Boiled Eggs


Early Risers:

* Whole wheat waffles with fresh fruit.

* English muffin with jam (peanut butter) optional.

* Yogurt with granola and fresh fruit.

* Hard boiled eggs

* Cottage Cheese with Fresh Fruit

* Fruit smoothie with all your kids’ favorite fruit

* Bagel


Mid-Day Games:

* Whole wheat wraps packed with vegies and cream cheese

* Whole wheat bread with lean deli meats or cheese.

* Humus and vegies

* Pasta salad with tons of vegies cut into it

* Omelets

* Bagel with fried egg and cheese slice


Pre-game Meal:

* Pasta with tomato sauce

* Grilled Chicken breast with steamed vegetables

* Grilled Fish with Brown rice and vegies

* Omelets packed with vegies (cheese is optional)

* Tomato Boccochini sandwich with fresh basil


*** Fresh fruit such as bananas, oranges and apples are great snacks before a game (3 hours before) snacking on fruits and Vegetables will provide additional energy during the game and will prevent that tummy from growling.

Parents remember include your kids in making their meals. Invite them and encourage them to help cut those vegetables and fruits during the week. Take them shopping, teaching them at a young age the importance of proper nutrition is a lesson they will carry for the rest of their life. Happy Planning! Remember stay fit stay healthy!


Sue Forberg-H2T Elite Dryland Training Inc.


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