Why play a team sport?

I’m a fitness professional, I own my own gym, I’m a wife, a best friend, a sister but the one I identify most with is I’m a hockey mom. With two boys playing in the GTHL, I have tailored my life around early morning practices, late game nights far and away and long bus rides […]

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Protein Powder for kids? Yeah or Neah?

  Does my child need a protein shake after they workout?? At H2T we hear this question all the time, and it’s hard to give yes/no answer, there are a few variables to take into consideration. Today we are going to dive into the world of protein powders ,whey vs isolate vs from diet.   […]

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DOMS-Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Last night your child gave it their all. They crushed their game or workout and today, they can’t get out of bed. That achy pain that almost everyone feels after an intense or unfamiliar workout has now taken your child hostage. For some this may happen 6-12 hours later. For others, it can take up […]

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Spring Training!

As spring unfolds, it becomes that time of year where the “shift “happens. We transition out of our busy winter hectic hockey lives and fall into spring’s wet gloomy blues. Every beautiful day, we encourage our kids to get out there and play, but as we know April showers bring May flowers…. So how do you […]

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Fitness Trackers make fitness fun for kids!

Fitness trackers for kids? Yes, no or maybe?  When it comes to fitness for children, I’m for anything that gets our kids up, moving and video games out of their hands. In a technological society there are new apps, and fitness trackers that are being introduced everyday, but are they right for our kids?  Now […]

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